Old party politics is bankrupt. A few citizens go to the ballot. People vote protest or singel issue paries. Our technology can change that. Participate directly in parliament will empower people in government decisions. Let’s break up the party politics, end the gridlock and return the power to where it belongs - you.

Digital connected works: poor, man/wife, young, red, green or black. Digital connected we are all equal.

Get connected. Be in control

Only 50% do vote, may of them have a protest or populist vote.

We got to change our political system it now. The issues that confront our society cannot be represented by one single political party. Diog.org is a really attractive way of doing government.

Diog.org is a genuine upgrade of how the parliament system works. The old political system looks as unstable as in 1930. With single issue parties there is no coherent political steering or overall vision. We got the root cause and heal the sick old system, redesign it smartly with juicy blockchain technology. Your vote, your country and now you have your operating system. 



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Digital Direct Democracy with Blockchain Technology

  • 17 Candidates Dutch elections March 2017
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