Digital connected people representatives are prepared to give up voting autonomy and vote according to the wishes of the people, expressed via the app. There populism ends.

A direct vote in our system can not be traded with by MP's after election.

Direct voting is a populism killer. makes the work of MP's transparent and we hold them accountable. No vote or questions asked gets lost anymore. Misleading people and gaining the profits works only in an indirect party political system. Party politics are a bad system and we upgrade it in a smart way. 

If the old democracy does not work, the only solution is MORE democracy. 

Digital connect with our new government operating system, people are a smart collective.

High tech saves our democracy. The app generations will claim their role and control their lives. Torn apart from the paper generation. The television generation needs to be switched off.  

In the old system your vote is being sold in back door rooms of your parliament. There is the place where it goes wrong. That's why 50% of people stopped voting. Populists profit from the old bad system. Our new system takes away all that's so bad for us all. Technology always save society. Just grab it! 

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Digital Direct Democracy with Blockchain Technology

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