Enough! Party politics are inefficient. Diog.org rebalances our societies.

Enough of the imbalance that is destroying our democracies, our planet and ourselves. Enough of the pendulum politics of left and right, as well as the paralysis in the political center. Enough of the visible claw of lobbying in place of the invisible hand of competing. Enough of the economic globalization thatundermines sovereign states and local communities. Have we not had enough exploiting of the world’s resources, including ourselves as “human resources”? Many more people are concerned about these problems than have taken to the streets. The will of people is there: an appreciation of what is happening, and how to deal with it, is not. We are inundated with conflicting explanations and contradictory solutions.


Rebalancing the leadership workload.

The amount of reading top governers need to do in a week would take more than a lifetime.

Top decision makers do not read the files and take uninformed low quality decisions. Together we can do better.

The party political system was designed in an age 1 person could understand all. Now we live in an age where we need a team to solve complex issues. There are no politicians who understand the whole issue, therefore they must bluff. 

Diog.org regains balance in the workload by sharing tasks amoung people. Diog.org Provides tracable work and agenda's regarding issues that matter. Diog.org puts the dialog amoung people first. 

Blockchain is the most revolutionary technology since the Internet itself. 

UK embraces the blockchain in this massive government report of January 19th 2017. Australia proposes blockchain voting (flux). All EU countries do have top parliamentary level commissions.

Dutch are first implementing blockchain in a smart way. Your country can be second!

Please join one of your country goups read: international

Diog.org os open source build on superior egaas.org blockchain software. Our servers are hosted in Amsterdam (tilla.com), read to place nodes in your country. Nodes are hubs in our decentralised blockchain voting system.

Egaas.org Blockchain is 100% transparent. 100% open. 100% scalable. 

100% privacy, because there is no central data storage. There is no private data to be found. It's a highly fragmented cloud of highly encrypted particles. Mathematically always complete and traceable.  


Digital Direct Democracy with Blockchain Technology

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