Representatives (MP's) of all parties are welcome to use our technology!

On the ballot citizens place a cross at the name of a PERSON. Not the party.

That is where we take action. Representatives of people cannot be forced to act other than the people wish. You only have to find the right person. One that is loyal to a digital system of transparency and accountability. 

We offer a watertight system where the representative can discuss and ask citizens. No question gets lost. No backroom dealings. No nice government jobs trade with jobs anymore. 

Candidates will sign a contract loosing their salary if they do not deliver the vote of the people delivered by the voting and questioning system.

We create an efficient, transparent citizen dialog system. All people representatives can listen to the vote of the people and held responsible.

We store all questions and votes safely in our blockchain system. Representatives freely will use them after elections in parliament when the issue is voted upon. 

Your vote doesn't get lost or stolen anymore. It's safe and makes sense to go to the ballot again. Asking and speaking out your concern is free and highly efficient. You are needed! Old politics are bankrupt. Technology delivers us the solution, just in time.

Please stay with us, if you understand this need. This system is not a lazy TV chair old politics system. 

Representatives get bigger chances to get elected using 

Representatives can still stay member of their old system also. But when it comes to voting the must follow the safe and transparent system and take care of the citizens wants and needs. That why we call the people representatives and not party representatives.


Candidates Dutch National elections March 15th 2017.

These candidates always pass the vote of our blockchain system as if it was their own vote in parliament. We thank all candidates 

Article shows that more than 10% of dutch people representatives show to switch from party once choosen. The old political system is bankrupt and and these candidates take responsibility to join our modern way of creating a people government dialogue.  

These people extend the dialogue by offering transparency accountability and efficiency. Asking your representative a good question and be sure of a follow up is just great.

The benefit for true people representatives using is enormous. They get into contact with many(more) and get far more topics covered in depth. the first 100% app generation proof party

The app & IT generation can claim it's role now. Born with an ipad in their cradle and a phone sticked to their hands. Let their crowd rule now! 

Technology brings this real alternative just in time. The TV and paper generation spins out of control taking all to the abyss.  

We are the first 100% blockchain party framework. 100% direct democratic operating system. FREE4ALL, transparent and we belive in ourselves and you (and math) :)

Two open question on top of our list build a (r) evolutionary system.

On top of our quiestion list we got an open question: "What do you want to ask?" - No politcal party ever asked you. Let the best questions filter to the top and get used. 




Asking the people representative (MP's) freely & transparent is a real revolution. takes care that your question really arrives.  

Do you want to ask your government something? A question new for citizens? Citizens do not write letters to their MP's. They do not arrive, of course. You just never hear form them we know all. 

Political parties instead the nail a kind of election programme on your chest, shouting that's what your want. Actually it's their Christmas wish list. Ready to be mixed and lost after negotiations with other wish lists of other parties. We got a new digital replacement for these old foolish indirect politics. 

1. We just generate our own questions. 

2. Then we vote on our people list, our wants and needs. 

Let the best question get to the top of the list, ready to be used. 

This is a real alternative for back door dealings of the old expensive and slow system that is causing misery all over. 

Asking yourself something freely and transparent is the greatest forgotten democratic asset. 

None of the current parties does have a transparent and free way to ask something. It is starts with the mandatory membership of these dark event clubs, shouting your wish to the good like party leaders. This is not how normal people want to express their wants and needs. We got an charming fast and safe alternative. We like to hear you. We are the oly who take you serious. We show you what we do with your vote and opinion. Our block chain never forgets anyone or anything with 100% mathematical precision. also let you put forward your own candidates for all top official posts. No other political party does. It's a great democratic right to put forward your own candidates. Let the best get to the top of the list.

Sounds logical doesn't it? Well, no one party does support direct choice of candidates. Why? Political parties all regard top positions in the political area as their personal payment and pension. believes it is disgusting to use the way we control our nation for personal profit. 



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Digital Direct Democracy with Blockchain Technology

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