Low female participation is a systemic failure. This is how to repair the error using the blockchain. 

50% of the voters are women and just 3% of our leaders are women. Why? 

Diog.org explains and shatters the glass ceiling. Technology helps us in the right moment. 

This extremely low 3% participation is not simply caused by female discrimination as we know. The preference for "a big man" as the leader we all know. Sure it exists, but it doesn't explain the complete exclusion of women in ruling positions. Women do not vote for that. So, don't do want healthy thinking man rule out female talent at the top of organizations.

We found the root cause and heal it. Women's discrimination is more a system failure of the indirect democracy rather than of discrimination done by an individual.  We solve the problem using blockchain technology.

Laws against women's discrimination are often just wishful dream laws. Quota are just taking some symptoms away, leaving the root cause of the problem intact.   

The low 3% women in the top CAN be explained by the the "social lens" theory. 

This how the "social lens" works: The small individual biases are stacked upon each other. Every step of the career stepladder women is chosen with this small bias. A woman always carried with them the burden of the bias of the previous step in the old system.  

Proof: Dutch academic system ​​​​​​points out that in education and research, women outnumber men as graduates (59%), yet their presence decreases consistently as they progress up the ladder, from 43% of PhDs down to only 15% of full professors. 

In a flat system, where candidates are directly chosen this lens effect is skipped.   

The solution against stacking the bias is a freely direct chosen top management.     

Example solution. Imagine we choose 10 top leaders out of a free pool of 100 leaders. Then it becomes obvious there will be women among these leaders. Even one woman is more than 3%.

We owe it to all women to test this system after 100 years of system failure. The failure was build in our 100 years old sick indirect democratic parliamentary system. 

We need a system change. Shouting, laws & quota do not help against this build-in system failure. The glass ceiling effect is made by the same old parties still ruling us now. We need to bypass them.  

Science fails to explain the low 3% of female participation and lawmakers do not execute the own anti-discrimination that should shut down their own system that discriminates by creating "career" steps for women. Women should be able to go straight to the top without hurdles.


The root cause of many of our society problems is party politics itself

Our indirect party political systems are cause of women discrimination and integration problems. The low 3% participation woman can not simply caused by female discrimination as we know, but can be explained by sytem errors. (Read: Womenrights)

The old party system itself has dangerous populisme benefits build in. We can easely get rid of them by replacing the old system by a new one. (read: stop populism!)  

You are looking at an high tech goverment operating system where all can participate and are taken serious. All in our system is transparent and free for all to join. Made with a new kind of technology, the blockchain. The biggest invention since the interent itself.  


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